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Business Card Marketing at its Best!

March 17, 2011

So you all think you know something about business cards, but the truth is you are all truly misinformed! One of the best movies of all time has an awesome scene that tell you how to be a BC Bad man… So get your free business cards and be a awesome specimen of excellence!

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Victorian Calling Card Etiquette

October 28, 2009

In the Victorian Era visiting and social calls were of the upmost importance. Victorian ladies spent a good part of their time visiting with their friends over a cup of tea. The calling card was used to let people know that they had been “called” on. It seems that with the introduction of the internet […]

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Creative Business Card Holders

October 20, 2009

There are tons of articles online on how to market your business cards, network with other professionals, and how to get your business cards for free.  Today we are going to focus on the exterior: the Business Card Holder.  It is important that the device you use to store yours and business friends cards in […]

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Advances in the Business Card field

October 15, 2009

Business cards have come along way from being a simple piece of paper that is used to share info.  They are advanced networking tools.  Along these advanced lines comes new technology that changes the way we interact using business cards.  Below are two examples of these technologies. Scanners There are several business card scanners on […]

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Japanese Business Card Customs

October 11, 2009

Free business cards are huge deal in the country of Japan. The tradition name for a Japanese business card is “meishi”. This name is from a history based in calling cards when phones came to japan.  To understand what it means we must break down the word. Mei: This word is the first Kanji character […]

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