When you should Give your Business Card out

As everybody knows free business cards can be a pretty good form of marketing for your business and there are some times when you should give it out. Some are often prone to make a mistake by being too tame when it comes to passing out their free business cards, and this can is a huge networking mistake, while others give out business cards even if people don’t seem interested.  We all know that there are some situations where handing out your business card is very smart, and knowing what these times are can help you network your business better.

Tip # 1: Give out Free Business Cards at Events – The type of events you should do this at are usually work oriented, and a great method for networking with new clients and business contacts is to attend these types of conventions, picnics, etc.  Many business persons can leave these meet-ups with a quantity of free business cards from numerous people, so be absolutely sure that yours is unique.

Tip # 2: Make sure your new clients get a Free Business Card – When you land a new client, make sure to strike conversation, and make sure to give them a business card so they can contact you. If they are satisfied with your service they offer word of mouth advertising, which is prices. Having your business cards will allow them to have all the info needed to send business to family and friends.

Tip # 3: Give out business cards at job fairs – Many types of people go to job fairs to get a job, and while they are looking at the card you can tell them about your business and what you do. It worth it to market your business, and to think outside old marketing ideas to help it spread.

Tip # 4: Give your business card out when you ask for one – The exchange of business cards is a ritual in many countries, followed frequently in the business world. Ask the other person for their business card, normally they will ask for yours in return.

Tip # 5: When a need arises give the person a business card – This just means to give out your card in converstations where someone express a desire for a type of service you offer. Make sure your timing is appropriate because it would not be in cool to hand out your business cards at the funeral, but if you are a detailer and you someone who talks about needing a car cleaned in the grocery store line, you should give them a business card.

Tip # 6: Get your business card up on the bulletin boards – Think grocery, gas station. Doing this allows you to use your card to reach an a ton of locals and you may be surprised by how much business this can generate. Think about your local population and then think of reaching a percentage of these people for cheap, simply by putting your business card on the board.

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