When Should you Give a Business Card

Now know the reasons to have your business cards printed online, (and hopefully have already taken advantage of the free business cards we offer) it is time to put them to good use. High quality business cards which are unique will stand out, and you may run out quickly because everyone wants one. There are some business card tips which will help you make your business cards work effectively for you, resulting in more business and business contacts than ever before. With great business cards, it is not uncommon to see your business increase, and even double at times.

What to Do Once You Have Your Business Cards at Hand

Check if the potential receiver is interested in your business.

Asking “Would you like one of my business cards?” can put a person on the spot and may make them feel obligated even if they do not want a card, which will end up with your business card in the trash later. Instead, you can watch for signs of interest during the conversation, and then say “May I give you one of my cards?” if the person seems interested. This not only keeps the person from feeling like they must take your business card, it also keeps you from wasting your cards.

Indicate what’s different.

Once you have your business cards, tell everyone that your new cards are in. Almost everyone you know will want one, even if they have one of your old ones. When you give out one of your new business cards, advertise the unique aspects of it.

Point out any features which are different from the traditional white card, and mention the attributes which make your card one of a kind. Many people have business cards which contain things on both sides of the card, and if yours has this feature make sure you tell people when you hand them your business card.

Establish rapport with the receiver.

Make sure that you have a connection with a person before you give them your business card. Make eye contact from the very start, give a firm handshake but do not grip tightly, and start a conversation, it does not matter what small talk or topic you discuss. The important thing is to establish rapport with the individual before you give them your business card. Too many people pass out their business card to every single person they come into contact with, whether the person even wants or needs the card or the services offered by the company.

Give your card only to those who may have a need for it.

Business cards can be a big expense, depending on how you choose to design and print them, and should thus be given to people who may have a need for your services or help increase your business contacts. Handing out your business card is a form of networking to benefit your company, and as a result this will benefit you. Remember to emphasize the benefits of your business during the conversation, and look for interest from the person before handing them your card.

Hopefully, these business card tips help prevent you from making mistakes which will end up costing you lost business, wasted printing expenses, or both. Your business cards can work for you if they are used correctly so be sure not to waste them by giving out your cards just for the sake of ‘handing them out’.

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