Business Card Magic: Print from Hand

If you have ever thought about how you hand out your business card or spend any time networking with business cards then you know how important the actually presentation is! To often we see the person we just handed our little card to just shove it into their pocket without ever noticing what is on it. Most likely this person just pocketed it as a courtesy and will dump it into a trash can as soon as they can!

Well if you change the presentation of your card to be something more entertaining and memorable then you may have a chance to keep your card out of the dumpster and possibly even generate a new business relationship! Using this little bit of magic your show your client a “blank” business card then print it right from your hand! This trick takes only a few minutes to master and once done correctly is an extremely effective illusion! Now go get some free business cards and try it out for yourself!

Watch the Video here

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