6 Free Ways to Market your Small Business

You are obviously a very intelligent business person or you wouldn’t be here already, but even the most savvy need a little push in the right direction sometimes! So if you are looking for creative ways to market your small business, without spending a dime, then read on fellow entrepreneur! Here are 6 fantastic ways to market yourself!

Write Articles and Columns

Are the expert in your field? Well you should be or least act like it! Experts write, and write alot. Why? Because they want other people to know that they are experts!!! So act like them! Get out to your local papers, newletters, and publications and ask them if you can write a monthly spot regarding your industry. Most of these guys are dying for quality (and free) content anyways. All you need to do is say that you want a small advertisement right under you column or mention it in the last paragraph!

Create Youtube Videos

This may sound a little difficult, but with any modern digital camera you can make your very own videos. Heck you can even use the webcam on that fancy new macbook you just bought! The key here is not make commercials (unless they are super unique and funny) but to build authority. You want to make instructionals, how-to’s, and any other type of video that can cast light on your excellence!

Join Local Clubs

What a better way to network and meet potential clients that to get out and meet them! Join every single club in your community that could even remotely produce a potential client. Be forward, a little pushy, and let them know you are looking to expand! People will go out of their ways to help people advance in life. You just need to be the one they are helping!

Abuse Social Networks

This should go without saying. Get on facebook. Get on twitter. Ask your clients to engage and share your business. It’s too easy!

Bribe your Customer

Give your customers and clients and incentive to share your business. We can all count on one thing in life, other people’s greed. SO USE THAT! Tell them that you will give them 40% off of their next order if they refer a paying customer to you. Do anything that you can to use them to bring you more business.

Make a Splash!

Finally, just get retarded. Make waves in your community. Donate to a cause, throw a parade for deaf animals, host a world’s strongest child competition. Just get out and get known. This will attract more attention than any of the above. Do you think it’s an accident that Red Bull sponsors all the craziest sports and ridiculous outings? NO! They want attention and to be there when the next Evil Canevil jumps over the Atlantic Ocean!

These are just a few ideas for your business marketing… Just get off your butt and get to work!

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