Victorian Calling Card Etiquette

Victorian calling card

In the Victorian Era visiting and social calls were of the upmost importance. Victorian ladies spent a good part of their time visiting with their friends over a cup of tea. The calling card was used to let people know that they had been “called” on. It seems that with the introduction of the internet that we are seeing “calling cards” more frequently. Whether it be in guestbooks or your email~I really enjoy looking at the beautiful cards that people leave for me! Below you will find a few links to get you started on your search for the perfect Calling Card~Have fun!

  • Women would often leave her husband’s calling card as well.  In this case
    she would leave one card for herself and two for her husband, one for the
    hostess and one for the hostesses husband.
  • In large cities it was customary to make only one social call per year to an
    acquaintance.  Also, leaving a card while attending an afternoon tea was
  • One was obligated to leave a card after a wedding breakfast, luncheon,
    dinner party, or after any evening event.
  • It was impolite to write on cards to accept or to decline an invitation, a
    formal letter is appropriate in this situation.
  • If a call has gone unanswered for a period of time, it should not be taken
    personally.  After the call is returned the hostess must accept the caller
    politely and accept any excuses with courtesy and not mention it again.

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