How to get Free Business Cards

So many people talk about the different things that you can get online for free or no cost, did you know that you can get free business cards online?  If you run any type of business this is a great way to save money, try new things, and make interns feel special!  The great thing is you can use these free cards for other things that the standard business cards.  Many people use them for Branding Cards, Calling Cards, or Sales Pitch Cards.  Recently people have been seeing them promoting upcoming products that just give a website address which asks them to subscribed to a newsletter.  This way they build a pre-launch market for their product.
So how do you get this killer deal? Well you can’t go local!  The printers won’t look at you too kindly when you walk in there and ask them for their business card for free! Many local places card between $40 – $60 for even the most basic designs… if you want color raise the price. So you need to go online to get the best deals.
There are essentially two ways that you can get these free cards

  1. Use a Service like Free Cards to have them printed and mailed to you
  2. Design and Print your business cards at home

Free Business Cards Online

The best way you can acquire your business cards is by using a service like the one we provide. We recommend our service for simple reasons: You get a professional printed product, a plethora of pre-made business card designs, and the ease of ordering. These cards aren’t going to look cheap and they are not going to feel like they were printed on notebook paper.  This is a product you can be proud of and know that other business professionals will treat them, and yourself, with respect.

Since these cards are no cost to you there are ENDLESS possibilities to their uses.  You can easily use them to promote small part time jobs, give them to your kids for lawn mowing business, sell homemade jewelry, promote upcoming shows, help sell houses, and more!  They can also be treated as personal cards instead of “business cards”. Meaning you just hand them out to people you meet on the street, in personal settings, or at church.  It’s a great way to keep people “mentally aware” of who you are.  These are a great way to help you appear to be a more professional person.

When you use our service you are guaranteed to find something you like or create it yourself. It’s as easy as choosing a design, entering the info you want, reviewing, and entering shipping info. They arrive fast and will leave you wanting more cards! We have over 20 different personal cards lying around that we use for tons of different ventures and promotions. Go find out what goes on a business card.

Home Printing

Another option to getting business cards for free is to use home printing. You can do this by having a high quality printer, buying thick printing paper, and making a custom design. There are lots of templates out there but you must make sure that they are compatible with your computer, software, and will look good on the final business card. The big downside to doing this from home is that you sacrifice on quality.  The cards will not have a crisp look of a professionally printed card and will possibly have tear lines and other “tell tale” signs of a cheap job.  These may be fine for home use but they should NOT be used for professional business interactions.

So if you are ready to make the jump, and be a pro, then try out our free business cards today!

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