Advances in the Business Card field

Business cards have come along way from being a simple piece of paper that is used to share info.  They are advanced networking tools.  Along these advanced lines comes new technology that changes the way we interact using business cards.  Below are two examples of these technologies.

Scanners are several business card scanners on the market today, such as the IRISCard Pro and CardScan.  These are exceptionally useful because of their small size and portability. The great thing about these scanners is that they scan in more than just a picture of the card… They interpret the text itself, allowing it to be sorted and archived by the computer or management system you are using.  These are great to use when everyone passes out tons of free business cards.

This is extremely useful for the diehard networkers out there who don’t have time to sit around and hand enter cards or even sort them by pictures.  Many address book programs and other software suites can automatically inject the data into existing or new contacts!  They usually can tell the difference between the different types of information so it is easy for the contact to have it’s own name and contact info all presorted.  The great things about about this type of software are numerous, including the fact that it can sort out and save extraneous data that it finds on the card such as pictures and extra text that wouldn’t normally be put in the card.

Many of the scanners are small enough that they don’t have to be hooked in a wall outlet.  They are powered though the USB hub so as long as your computer is running, you can scan in your business cards!  This is great for road warriors, salesmen, or traveling business professionals.  There are also stationary models that are designed to work in more of an office setting.

Barcodes on Business Cards eastern company located in the country Japan know as DENSO Corporation has create at new type of barcode system call the Quick Response barcode.  This barcode differs from traditional barcodes because it has another scanning angle so it is two dimensional rather than one dimensional barcode we are used to seeing in businesses.  This type of barcode can contain much more information and can be decoded using common digital cameras, even ones located in side cellular phones.  This means that all your companies information and the info of the individual can be contained in an easy to read barcode that can be traded with other business professionals at events without ever moving physical cards.  This really represent a future for business cards, because now you can super customize one card and share the info while keeping the expensive card!

There are many more advances in the market of free business cards, these are only a few methods.  We will cover more later so stay tuned!

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