What goes on a Business Card

You need to take some time and figure out what you want mentioned on your business card. Many people have already made costly mistake by forgetting simple yet obvious information such as their phone numbers or their website URL. Don’t be one of them.

Six Things Your Business Card Should Convey

Don’t laugh. At some point or the other, someone, somewhere has forgotten one or two of the items on the following list. Make sure you don’t forget them when you design and order your free business cards.

  1. Your Name. Actually, not every business card warrants a personal name. This is especially true if you don’t own the business and are more part of a team. Still, putting your name is important because it conveys a more personal approach. How would YOU feel if you were handed a business card that says you should contact just Customer Support if you needed help?
  2. The Name of Your Business. Some people get so hooked up on logo design that they forget to put – let alone emphasize – their business’ name. Just remember to balance the text well with your company’s logo so that neither overshadows the other.
  3. A Short Description of Your Business. It should be clear on your business card about when and why somebody should reach you or contact your business. This will save you both a lot of wasted time. A full-blown account of your business is not necessary (actually, it’s not even possible given the short space) but a cleverly-crafted tagline or a simple sentence like Call me when you need… is enough.
  4. Your Place of Business. Even online now, website owners are encouraged to indicate their place of business so that site visitors know they are dealing with a tangible company. It’s the same with business cards. You need to put your complete address – even if you have an online business – so that the recipient feels that your business is legit.
  5. Your Contact Numbers. You probably have a pager, a mobile number, and perhaps even two or three phone numbers where you can be reached. Here’s a tip: put only ONE contact number. However, this should be you preferred method of contact and you SHOULD be reachable via this number during business hours. This way, you streamline the method by which you can be reached, AND you don’t overcrowd your business card with useless information.
  6. Your Online Contact Information. Most businesses nowadays, even if they’re focused on offline transactions, have an online presence. If you have the same, then place your website URL and your email address on the business card. If you don’t want to be contacted directly and want to ‘educate’ potential clients first about your business, then just putting your website URL is enough.

There you have it. Six things you should never forget to include on your business card. Keep them in mind and be the one others call if and when they have a need for your product or service.  Of course some business may choose to leave off one or the other for aesthetic reasons.

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