Ten Methods to Make your Business Card Original

Now are you sick of boring business cards? Here we have come up with 10 free business card tips that will surely make your cards shine among a boring plethora of lame business men!

  • Add A picture – Don’t be scared of this! It’s perfectly normal and sometimes even preferred!  It gives people a great way to remember your face. It’s worth it when a new client can remember your face and they will often pick you over another person.
  • Use a Dark Color – Go with the inverse! This solid black, matte card, with striking white lettering. Standing out is always worth it.
  • Use a vertical Free Business Card – Tall cards are great for tall people.  Their is always different methods to this, even using skinny cards.
  • Use Red – Think of old style cards, no color.  Adding red to it, either lettering or borders, can make it much more noticeable.
  • Include an Image – Add you logo, a cartoon, or something that is related to your biz! It makes it different from the norm and can help define your business category.
  • Don’t go with Normal Shape – If you are really crazy, go with a round card, a triangle card, or some other non tradition shape.  This could be a downside for traditional professionals.
  • Have a Die Cut – Printers offer this
  • Make out of Candy – Many free business cards merchants offer these. These business cards must be kept carefully or they can melt and run, and many people will not hold on to these business cards because it will become sticky. Also not very permanent.
  • Duel Language – English on one side and the language of your clients on the back. This will make your foreign contacts feel more comfortable and will help you be remembered.
  • Use other Materials – Check out leather, bronze, plastic, and a wide variety of other business card materials to choose from. This can help your business card get noticed and make it easy to remember.

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