Spread your Brand with Business Cards

You’ve heard it alot… Brand this, Brand that. Well have you considered branding the one thing that you are giving out every time you meet a potential client, or networking with a counterpart? Brand your Business Cards!!! It’s too simple to just put a clever message or your company logo that sticks to the little guy in your wallet!

But you need to consider more than just the logo or saying to really brand your business card. First you must identify the message you want to send. Are you trying to be a green business? Then why not make business cards that send that type of message. For example a few remarkably creative minds has created customized business cards that are actually plantable! Now this may actually cause problems down the line because all your prospects are actually putting your little marketing device in the ground! Look below and tell me if you have thought of something this creative recently!







If you looked at that and thought that wasn’t good branding then you might need to take another look at yourself and reconsider your calling in life! To really brand yourself with a business card you have to think above and beyond the simple message and find a unique way to engage your target audience. Maybe you are not into lawn care, or sharing memories; big deal! There are other great ideas out there besides a plantable card! Maybe you are into sport memorabilia? Then get some cards that are the same texture as a basketball.

I’m sure you get the message. Branding is all about creativity and finding great way to say the same stuff a different way… because it’s all been said before!!!


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