Make your Business Cards Pop

There are so many people and businesses out there trying to get your attention, it is important that we take note of the different methods that they use to do so.  By noticing and acting on our knowledge we can apply what we’ve learned and put it on our free business cards.  For example, search the internet for almost any commercial term and take in how theses people are trying to reach you.  They use text, pictures, and emotions. We can put that in our business card design.

Business Card exampleThe first thing we should do is make our cards stand out by not just going with plain white or black!  Either apply a colorful background or modify the text so that it stands out on your pure white background.  Think of red letters on a bleach white card, would be pretty nice huh?!  The thing is you need to do something that people don’t expect to be noticed.

The second thing you can apply to your free business cards is to use a picture on the card.  This will add a sense of personality and homeyness that will leave the person remembering YOU not just the encounter or the business.  Why do you think real estate people do this? Because it works!  Business is always personal so play into that by personalizing your networking tools.

The third and final things your can do is to pay attention to your text.  There are so many combination you can use to make your cards stand out.  Change the font, or the lettering size, or even use other formatting options like a header in bold and a subtext in italics!  This will make certain parts of the card feel more important and will draw longer attention to your card. It can also bring attention to special deals or fact that you want mentioned, you should try it!

These methods will help get your own ideas boiling!  Put these tips to work and try it even on your own free business cards!  By using these tips you are sure to bring attention and new clients to your business. So get out there and market yourself, it’s never to late to be a pro!

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