How to Make your Business Cards Stand Out

Business cards are small, potent marketing tools. However, since almost everybody has them, it’s important to stand out and be noticed! And this is where creativity comes in.

FIVE Ways Your Business Card Can Stand Out from the Crowd

  1. Cut one-side of your business card with ‘fancy scissors’ so that even while it retains its standard business card shape and size, at least one of the edges looks different. Just be careful that the differently cut edge does not make your business card prone to folding or tearing.
  2. Put a sticker on your business card. One way to make your business card stand out is to put a sticker on it! For instance, if you have a great logo, you can have it like a sticker, where people can peel it off and attach somewhere else. When removed, an underlying image of the logo should be there so that your business card does not look as if there’s an empty space on it. This sticker-approach is also great for promotions. When you hand over the business card, a portion may be peeled off to check for any discounts on the products or service you provide.
  3. Write something on your business card while handing it over. One way that makes recipients seem to remember business card givers more is if a handwritten note is placed on the back of the card while it’s being given. For instance, you can place a ‘special discount’ on the back of a card (e.g., 10% off just for you Ted!) for the recipient.
  4. Put a ‘sleeve’ on your business card. Another great idea is to provide your business card with a very thin, plastic (or even paper sleeve). It just makes the business card extra special. Just be sure the sleeve is really thin so that it can still be placed (sleeve and all) on standard business card holders. Also, it’s a good idea to have a sleeve that has a different color than the card itself.
  5. Make your business card ‘stickable’. Business card that’s a sticker in itself can be tricky because they’re thin and tend to easily tear so what about a business card that’s like a refrigerator magnet instead? This way, the recipient feels the business card is ‘usable’ and they get to look at your business info each time they face their fridge!

Here’s one more tip for you: consider having more than one set of business cards made. It’s hard to convey EVERYTHING you want to express in one business card. As an entrepreneur or small business owner, you probably wear many hats (e.g., CEO, , products buyer, finance controller, quality checker, etc.) and not all of them need to be called upon in every situation.

As such, think of having two or even three sets of business cards made, each with a specific purpose and hand then out accordingly. This way, your business card is razor-targeted on the recipient and when he needs just your product or service or business, you’re EXACTLY what he needs.

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