Creative Business Card Holders

There are tons of articles online on how to market your business cards, network with other professionals, and how to get your business cards for free.  Today we are going to focus on the exterior: the Business Card Holder.  It is important that the device you use to store yours and business friends cards in is both attractive and sturdy, a way that you can get alot of attention and buzz is to use your card in conjunction with an extremely creative business card holder.

Some examples:

Mushroom Buisness Card Holder

Here is a handmade mushroom business card holder. It requires only wool felt, embroidery floss, and a piece of sew on Velcro. Click the pic for directions!

Blomus Business Card Holder

The Blomus Business Card holder is a high quality brushed stainless steel holder.  It holds 25 free business cards and will keep them stylish!

Famicom Controller Business Card Holder

If anyone is a geek or nerd and know the history of Nintendo, then this will be a treat.  It is a business card holder based on the NES Japanese counterpart: the Famicom.  Search around to find one for sale!

Let your Business Friends know that you are an Alien of peace with a Spock Business card Holder!

Hopefully these creative holder will inspire you to improve how you present and store your business cards in hopes that you can impress potential clients! Do not underestimate the value of standing out in someone’s mind! Every little thing you can do become a “memory” is worth more than the cost of little things like these business cards holders! Good Luck!

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