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Free Business Card Marketing

Spread your Brand with Business Cards

September 4, 2011

You’ve heard it alot… Brand this, Brand that. Well have you considered branding the one thing that you are giving out every time you meet a potential client, or networking with a counterpart? Brand your Business Cards!!! It’s too simple to just put a clever message or your company logo that sticks to the little […]

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6 Free Ways to Market your Small Business

September 3, 2011

You are obviously a very intelligent business person or you wouldn’t be here already, but even the most savvy need a little push in the right direction sometimes! So if you are looking for creative ways to market your small business, without spending a dime, then read on fellow entrepreneur! Here are 6 fantastic ways […]

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Business Card Marketing at its Best!

March 17, 2011

So you all think you know something about business cards, but the truth is you are all truly misinformed! One of the best movies of all time has an awesome scene that tell you how to be a BC Bad man… So get your free business cards and be a awesome specimen of excellence!

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Did you Know your Business Card is Garbage?

January 24, 2011

It’s true. According to this middle aged man you have terrible business cards! They are worthless and you will never be as good, cool, or handsome as he is! The truth is you can have awesome free business cards without having to be as self-righteous or condescending as this guy! The video follows…

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Business Card Magic: Double Flip

October 6, 2010

Here is another Business card magic trick to go with our last entry! It uses the same methodology but you can give out two cards instead of one! Get some free business cards and try it out for yourself!

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