If you run a small to medium sized business than you are probably feeling the squeeze that everyone else is, little or no money for marketing and advertising campaigns. Well your business card is the often a great marketing tool that costs very little and can have compounding effects on your businesses revenue. Therefor it is important to design a business card that will create an impression of what you do and why you do it. Think of it as a tiny little billboard in your clients pocket that can give you a killer ad against bigger companies with bigger billboards!

Here are 3 Tips for Perfect Business Cards

The three most important factors to consider when designing a business card are: Readability, Clear Text, and Your statement.

By themselves and as a unit these three factors give you both an immediate effect and a lasting impression. If done correctly a client will know exactly who you are, what business you are in, and where they can find you, all within seconds of picking up your business card. But the real goal is to get the lasting impression, something that will remind that person of you the second your business vertical is mentioned in a conversation.

Here is an exercise: give your business card to a neutral person and ask them after 3 seconds to put it down and tell you who you are, where you work, and what business you are in. If they can’t do that, then you need to work on your message! I don’t ever look at anyone’s business card that long so it is very important for you, me, and them to send that message across lightning fast. So get rid of all the fluff and find ways to quickly send your message without bogging down their minds with stupid quotes or useless clip art.

Another common mistake people are making on their companies business cards is adding too much info. It seems a little counter-intuitive to say but really, how many phone numbers do you need to put on there? And the fax number, with two business addresses… is that really necessary? NO! All you really need in your phone number and email. Everything else can easily be found online and if someone wants to mail you something, you should hope to get a call first! So trim the fat and lose the extras. One more great thing that you can add on your free business card is your web address. If fact, this is a must. Your website is like a free freaking advertisement that people just flock to. Its a community and a sales method all rolled into one. If you you don’t have one, get one, then put it on your business card, yesterday. Also you could get special business cards printed that just are systems to push people to your website or social networking profiles… look into QR codes!

Now you want to communicate effectively and efficiently so lets go over what should be on your business cards. First put your company’s name and logo on that bad boy. Then if you have a tag line, include but in small font. If you don’t have a tag line just write what you do so people are left guessing when they are holding your piece of tiny paper. Then include your name, position, phone, email, and website. This should all read very clearly and should be a large enough font to keep older folks from straining (many of us are old!). If you follow these simple tips you will have an awesome business card that will get your customers faster than you can say apple sauce!

Now get to work designing your business cards so you too can grow your business in an affordable and fun manner!

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There is a plethora of business cards available today. With so many options on type, size, material, and other features it is no wonder that people are getting confused about which type is best for them. There 3 basic types of business cards: the Standard, the Custom, and the Specialty. We will go into depth on each of these so you will know what type is right for you! Anyway you choose, free business cards are always a good option!

The Standard Business Card

A Standard Business CardThis business card is 3.5 by 2 inches and is the mainstay of modern business. It is small enough to slip into your pocket or wallet but large enough to be palmed and easily read. There is reason that this is what 95% of business cards look like: BECAUSE IT WORKS. If you are in any type of professional field or will be dealing with higher educated people then you should almost always carry this type of card. The only exception is for businesses where you are trying to cast a certain light on yourself, but we’ll cover this soon! This type of card usually shows your business name, your name, title/position, address, email and phone number. Sometimes there is room for a slogan but you don’t really need it. It was  once an imperative device, because there was no search engines, internet, or magic gizmos that stored every contact you’ve ever made. This little guy will get you business so you need to impress people!  Always get heavier card stock. It is a very simple thing to do and only costs a tiny bit more. This will impress people because you card (and therefor you) are solid, reliable, and strong. It says a lot to stand out in small ways, so start here! As for colors, I prefer less on these types of business cards. Also the glossy type cards tend to look cheap and flimsy. So your best bet would be to get heavy stock, matte finish, very professional looking cards.

The Custom Business Card

Slim Business CardThe Custom business card is very similar to the standard except it is either a slightly different size or shape (yet still a rectangle) or it has unique printing on it. To the left you’ll see a custom business card call the slim or skinny business card. This is an increasingly popular item among start-up companies and smaller internet based firms because it speaks youth and vitality. Try to think of reasons you would want a card like this? Maybe you are a dietitian or a personal trainer, this could help you push the message of weight control and fitness, versus the standard cards “chubbier” look! There are other custom cards shapes like the circle and square but I find these annoying and awkward to fit in either your hand or wallet. Therefore, unless you are pushing some product and you want people to constantly be fidgeting with your business card, then I would keep it a similar shape to the classic!

The Specialty Business Card

The Specialty Business Card is really a describer rather than a category. This defines any type of business card that has something that makes it super unique. For example, Kevin Mitnick’s Business Card has a real lock pick kit built in it! Other card have seeds in the paper so you can actually plant them, and some cards are made of rubber so they stretch! It is endless what possibilities you can have with business cards, but be prepared to spend a small fortune to get them created, unless you savvy enough to make them yourself! The real key to be successful with the specialty type is to say something about your business though the design of your card… If you do electronics repair, them make a card out of silicon board! If you are cook, put scratch and sniff chemical on the back and have different “flavors” of business cards!

Now that you know a little bit more about the 3 different types, go out and get some free business cards so you can impress your friends, coworkers, and that new client you’ve been dying to get!

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